FlixQueue MENU





  1. Getting Started
  2. Main Screen
  3. Adding, deleting, uploading, and maintaining queue
  4. Usertabs
  5. Extras
  6. Options

1. After installing FlixQueue, and running it for the first time.

When running FlixQueue for the first time, you will see a window pop up for your login information. If you don’t want FlixQueue to store your password, click the box at the bottom of this screen. You will have to enter this information each time you run FlixQueue if you choose not to store your information. After inputting this, FlixQueue will gather your queue information from NetFlix. The splash screen will keep you informed of the progress of gathering information.

2. Queue Screen

The main screen is divided into 2 main sections. The topmost title listing and bottommost details screen. FlixQueue starts you out at your queue. You will see the movies you have in your queue listed by number, and showing title, MPAA rating, Genre, Availability, Priority, and estimated ship date.

You can also choose one of the tabs above your queue listing to see your Account details, your rental history, your At Home movies, your Saved movies, a title search, NetFlix Top 100, What’s New, Recommendations, and a link to our homepage at

Each tab has it’s own columns relevant to it. You can get movie details by clicking on the movie. You will be able to define your own links, but we suggest sites such as Google, eBay, Amazon, IMDB, and

3. Queue Maintainance

FlixQueue makes it easy to manage your queue. Let’s say you add a TV Series season to your queue, but you want it all right at the top of your queue. Instead of having to click a link many times over, disc by disc, with FlixQueue you can just drag and drop. You can click and drag a single title wherever in your queue you want, or select multiple titles by using the Control or Shift keys.

You can also delete items out of your queue the same way. Select the title to be deleted, and either hit the Delete key, or the Delete Item button at the top.

If you have a large queue, like some if us do, you know how easy it is to have a title get lost in it. If you’re looking for a specific title in your queue, just hit the Search Queue button, and type in the movie you’re looking for.

Adding items to your queue is also a snap. In the Top 100, What’s New, and Recommendations, as soon as you click on the tab, FlixQueue gets you the information. If you see a title you like, just click on it, and hit the Add To Queue button.

In the Search tab, you can search for the movie title you want – just type in what you’re looking for, and your results will appear in the box right below the search field. Again, just select the item you want, and hit Add To Queue to add it to your queue.

If you make a mistake in deleting, reordering, or adding something you don’t want, don’t panic. Your changes aren’t effective until you hit the Upload Queue button. If you want to start fresh, just hit the Read Queue button, and FlixQueue will restore your queue to its original state.

PLEASE NOTE: Changes to your queue, including reordering, deleting, and adding new titles, are not effective until you hit the Upload Queue button.

4. Usertabs

The bottom section of the FlixQueue screen is dedicated to Usertabs, an easy way for you to get information on your movie. Just select a movie in your listing that you want information on. The default Usertab selected will show you the NetFlix details. You can define whatever you want for your Usertabs, but we get you started with some of the more common sites.

Want general information on the movie? Try the Google tab. Looking to purchase it? Check out the eBay and Amazon tabs. The IMDB tab will give you a lot of information on the movie, directors, actors, producers, and more. will give you the extended disc information that would normally be listed on the cover, like what proportion the screen ratio is, what the language and subtitle tracks are, and more.

5. Extras

FlixQueue includes some helpful extra features. In the queue screen, you’ll notice a column titled Priority. This is to help you organize the movies you want to see. This is helpful when you add something to your queue that you may not want to see right now, but don’t want to forget about. Set it to a low priority. However, that hot new release that you want to see ASAP, set it to a high priority.

FlixQueue can also be set to automatically check for updates for you. You will be notified when you start the program if there is a new version available. If you don’t want to be auto-notified of new versions, you can turn this off in the options menu.

FlixQueue can also show you how much you’re really spending to rent that disc. By inputting your plan cost, and how many dvds you typically get in a month, FlixQueue will tell you the cost for either 1 disc, or a whole set. Just highlight the title(s), and hit the Cost button.

FlixQueue has a queue backup and restore, just in case you delete a few things, upload, and then change your mind. Every time you run FlixQueue, it will automatically save a backup of your queue. If you made some changes and want to save a new backup, just hit the Backup Queue button. If you need to ‘undo’ some changes you made, hit the Restore Queue button.

WARNING: Restoring your queue is not something you should do lightly. It will take a short wait to rebuild your queue with NetFlix, especially on a dialup internet connection.

6. Options

In the options menu, you can make some changes to the way FlixQueue works. In the first tab, NetFlix Information, you can add your Account Name and Password, or turn on/off automatic login.

In NetFlix Options, you can fill your monthly fee amount, DVDs per month, and supply cost(if any). This is for the cost calculation feature, and isn’t required information.

In the User Tabs tab, you can define your Usertabs with the sites you want quick access to. Just pick a tab, and hit Change. You can now enter the Tab Name, the website URL, and turn it on or off. For the website URL, just replace the search term with *TERM*, and FlixQueue can look it up for you!

In the FlixQueue Options tab, you can turn on or off auto-checking for new versions and updates of FlixQueue.